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Follow our creative journey out of isolation


NEW Giortazo by Thomas Palance


Sore was the Storm Poetry set to music and Video.


NEW Fantasy by Chris Florio

First Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement

A Flute Ensemble in Three Parts The Orchestra on the Hill’s Emergence Project has provided an amazing opportunity to deal creatively with the limitations imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Since we can not perform and record with many musicians at once, I choose to compose and perform with a single player 11 times. Eileen Yarrison is the principal flute player for the orchestra and a wonderful musician. As part of the emergence project she presented a video of herself playing the melody from a very old hymn on the full family of flutes from the giant contrabass flute to the piccolo. This inspired me to use this theme as the starting point to compose a new piece for Eileen to play as a full flute ensemble. Not many players could have pulled this off but Eileen played it wonderfully and was great fun to work with.

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