A Journey Through The Creative Process: "Coming Out Of Challenging Times"

WELCOME SOLITUDE by Thomas Palance
We have all been abruptly physically isolated from our friends and family. Nothing can separate us from our solitude.
Ipswich Moving Company, danced by Jenny Carlson
Music inspired by Julie Meneghinni, Orchestrated by Thomas Palance
A dance improvisation exploring sense of touch using indirect light and energy. The resulting movement quality suggests solitude and a hope of intimacy
Chris Florio
The together quartet was the first composition I wrote for my very limited ensemble of one person. The cellist learned a Cmajor scale the day before and that is currently all he can play. The guitar player was not bad. I wrote this with the idea of being able to develop the melodic themes much more when the Orchestra on the Hill can play together once more.
NOCTURNS by Stoney Stone
Music by Chris Florio
As a visual artist I am alert to  all the senses and the way they affect my vision. During my time in Quarantine here in Ipswich I became acutely aware of the new silence. One night, around 10 PM, I decided to go and make a visual record of the “silence” by taking a walk around our beautiful town. I likened it to a movie set with all the crew and actors gone home for the night. Here’s some of what I saw.
Music by G. Paul Naeger
Solo by Michael Naeger

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