Board of Directors/Community Support


Dan Lovy/ President

Chris Burke / Vice President, Fundraising

Mark Avenmarg / Treasurer
Thomas Palance / Artisic Director, Composer

Chris Florio/Composer, Artistic Team

G.Paul Naeger/Composer
Julie Meneghini/Artistic Team

Karen McConomy/Personnel Director

Laurie Hawkins/Fundraising

Kathy Earley /Community Relations

Paul Hurst/Community Volunteer, Fundraising

Jonah Lovy/Social Media

Our Mission

The Orchestra on the Hill provides opportunities for local artists to unite through professional and unique performances while fostering the growth of young performers.


Building Culture Where We Live

Board of Directors
Dan Lovy / President
   Chris Burke / Vice President
   Mark Avenmarg / Treasurer
   Thomas Palance / Artistic Director

Creative Team
Chris Florio
   Julie Meneghini
   Karen McConomy

   G. Paul Naeger
   Eileen Yarrison
   Randyll Collum

Marketing and Fundraising
Laurie Hawkins
   Carol Bousquet
   Bill Hurst
   Helen Weatherall

Our Vision

The Orchestra On The Hill is a regional arts organization based in Ipswich, MA devoted to producing interdisciplinary performances featuring the highest professional musicianship as well as performance art. Our mission is to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the North Shore of Massachusetts and beyond through exceptional concerts of orchestral music while showcasing other local artists including the visual arts, dance, poetry, animation and photography. The Orchestra On The Hill also provides opportunities for non-professional musicians to rehearse together while being coached and supported by professional conductors and players. Our goal is to encourage developing artists to continue to develop their abilities and to provide a platform for them to showcase their skills and to share this talent with our communities. 

Our Mission

The Orchestra On The Hill enriches the community by providing opportunities for musicians and other artists to collaborate through professional and innovative orchestral performances. The Orchestra On The Hill encourages youth participation and development while celebrating the natural beauty and rich history of our region.