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 Thomas Palance / Music Director


"Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music."  -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Message from the Director:

Dear Friends,

The Orchestra On The Hill is a professional orchestra that exists to push boundaries musically and artistically in every way. Our compositions feature multi-media collaborations crossing all genres while featuring historical and environmental elements in every custom composition and program. TOOTH performs four concerts a year which are intentionally crafted around community interests.

For example, we featured Ipswich High School student, Tessa Devoe, who slayed our audience with her stunning version of the Haydn Cello Concerto. Devoe has played cello at the Junior and then Senior Northeastern District Festivals every year since eighth grade. She studies at the New England Conservatory Prep School and is a member of the conservatory’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Tessa has also performed at Carnegie Hall, Boston’s Symphony Hall and Rockport’s Shalin Liu Performance Center.

We have the ability to produce a symphony as well as chamber music. Our chamber ensemble was given a warm welcome at the famed Gloucester Meeting House in celebration of Bach's 334th birthday, where we successfully grew our audience and their appreciation -- J.S. Bach is still very much alive and relevant.

Our goal is to produce performances that bring musicians, visual artists, dancers, poets and animators together to deliver powerful, uplifting programs that will move audiences to their core. We invite you to join us soon so that you too will experience amazement. 

We will look for you at one of our events soon.


Very sincerely, 

Thomas Palance

Photos by Stoney Stone, 2019

Photos by Stoney Stone

The Orchestra on the Hill is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

For more information or to donate call 978.471.8491   

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