7:30 in the Crane Estate Ballroom


The orchestra, based in Ipswich is led by Artistic Director Thomas Palance and will feature four world premieres. Chris Florio, Assistant Artistic Director has written a new work for solo saxophone featuring Eric Haltmeier who is currently the Fine Art's Director at The Pingree School and resident of Ipswich. G. Paul Naeger, Composer in residence, has written a new four movement solo work for trumpet featuring Thomas Palance. Jerry Gates, Professor at The Berklee School of Music and resident of Ipswich has written a new work featuring several members of the orchestra.


Florio and Palance have engaged in a fascinating collaboration with scientists, some at The New England Biolabs. They have been experimenting with new ways of composing music by using the vibrations of amino acids. The first result of this collaboration is a new piece by Palance.

Lastly, the orchestra will feature an arrangement of Cole Porter songs by Gerald Ascione, a Navy Band colleague of Palance's highlighting the young vocal talent Rhiannon Hurst who is from Rockport, MA.


The concert will have an interesting mix of traditionally based composition, never heard before usage of scales and chords based on scientific discoveries of new vibrations and American pop music.

The Orchestra On The Hill prides itself by being one of the most unique professional musical and artistic organizations in New England in that it's concerts feature collaborations with dancers, visual artists, poets, and animators and each concert features mostly original material and premiere's by Ipswich composers.

The Orchestra is only able to offer our events FREE of charge through the generous support of our donors and sponsors. The actual cost of each performance per person is $110. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We are also trying something new. For $110 donation, you will be given great parking and preferred seating. There is limited availability so reserve now >