On May 27th, 2016 The Orchestra On The Hill, in cooperation with other local visual artist, animators, composers, dancers and poets featured a collaborative concert at the Ipswich Performing Arts Center called “Images I6”.  The purpose of this effort was to collaboratively explore the similar creative process involved with the artists. The process in which the artists prepared for this concert strengthened their artistic relationship, and thus the overall cultural health of the community. The performance provided a multifaceted experience for the audience. A new appreciation and understanding of our rich artistic culture was realized. There was also an educational element involving student poets and animators.


“Images I6”, more specifically involved a cooperative effort among the artists. Composer Robert Bradshaw from Gloucester wrote musical composition inspired by visual artist John Stobart who frequently paints historical maritime and other New England scenes. Stobart’s painting was given to poetry students at Salem State University. There was a contest for the students to realize a poem which was used during the musical performance of Bradshaw’s work. Composer G. Paul Naeger derived his musical inspiration from a poem by Aline Blanchard, an Ipswich resident. Composer Chris Florio, also an Ipswich resident, wrote a musical score that was given to his animation students in Boston. They created an animated interpretation of Florio’s work. Local photographer Stoney Stone derived a series of works inspired from a newly written musical composition by New England composer, Kay Barney. Dancer Anna Lisa Ledson, originally from Ipswich and now working in New York City, choreographed a dance inspired by Suite for Trumpet and Orchestra written by Palance and orchestrated by Gerry Ascione. Thomas Palance, musical director and creator of this project gave two of his musical compositions to Ledson so that she could create a dance interpretation. Ledson, sent a new dance to Palance and he composed a new piece connecting the others inspired by the dance.


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