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Announcing Immediate Board Openings 
for The Orchestra on the Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts


Please email position desired and qualifications to: >


Our 501c3 nonprofit is an innovative collaborative arts organization, seeking to fill a number of volunteer board positions as soon as possible.

This is an exciting opportunity for those qualified to be part of an organization taking part in ground-breaking performances, showcasing all original material, and to collaborate with highly regarded musical composers, visual artists, poets, animators, and dancers. Future programming includes the following: 

“The Hidden Music of Amino Acids” at the new MIT Science Museum. The orchestra’s Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director along with a world-famous professor at MIT will present ground-breaking uses of the vibrations of amino acids to compose music.


“The Year of The Rabbit,” an orchestra concert and live recording session, featuring a new composition by Chris Florio and music by G.Paul Naeger and Thomas Palance.


“The Hidden Music of Science,” an orchestra concert in collaboration with New England Biolabs, MIT and world renown scientists.


 • “Images 24,” an orchestra concert celebrating local visual artists, dancers, and poets.


“Sea of Life and Hope,” a concert and educational outreach program, sponsored by Rockport Art in collaboration with Cape Ann schools, featuring student inspired visual art and original composition to be held at the Shalin Lui Performance Center. 


“Savory Sound Series,” a collaboration with local chefs to explore the connections between scent, taste, rhythm of cooking and music improvisation.






In addition to any regular and customary duties prescribed by competent parliamentary authority or elsewhere in our Bylaws, the Vice-President’s duties shall include serving as President in the event of the President’s absence, carrying out those duties assigned by the President, becoming familiar with the duties of the President, and, if so elected, serving as President at the conclusion of his/her/their term as Vice-President.  


In addition to any regular and customary duties prescribed by competent parliamentary authority or elsewhere in our Bylaws, the Clerk’s duties shall include recording minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and the Corporation, maintaining permanent records of the minutes, issuing notices for all meetings, administering and tallying votes conducted at meetings, maintaining a roster of the Corporation’s Members, and corresponding as appropriate on behalf of the Corporation.  




Fundraising Director 
Organizes Fundraising Team, overseas fundraising events, organizes and oversees grant writing.writes correspondence (fundraising letters, thank you notes to donors). Works with the Treasurer to track incoming donations. Reports to President and Vice President. 

Fundraising Team 
Assist Fundraising Director in grant writing, correspondence with donors, and communications with orchestra followers. 


Publicity Director 
Oversees all publicity related material; posters, news items, media sites, brochures, interviews. as well as ad sales, contract updates, client contracts. Works closely with the the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer.


Please email position desired and qualifications by August 31st, 2023 to: >

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